TRENT X offers financial products through its website and trading platforms that can be accessed via desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. By accessing these platforms, users agree to the Privacy Policy regarding the processing of personal information. TRENT X is committed to protecting users' privacy and complying with data protection laws. The Privacy Policy explains the type of personal information collected, how it is used, and measures in place to safeguard Personal Data

Personal Information or Data

Personal information or data” means any information that the Company collects about your personal information while you visit our website, software, mobile application and/or other defined technologies. During the process of opening account with us, we collect your contact information including name, address, phone, email, national identity document, passport etc. Additionally, information regarding your transactions and trading; bank account; and information pertaining to your IP address and the device or computer used by you for the purpose also falls under personal information and data.


TRENT X collects, uses, stores and transfers personal data while following applicable laws. They gather data from completed, incomplete or abandoned processes and may collect various types of data such as name, contact info, financial info and location, which is all used for specific purposes with consent. TRENT X is committed to data confidentiality and security. Their team is available to address any concerns.

1. Email address
2. Full name
3. Mobile number
4. Date of birth
5. Nationality
6. Residential address
7. Copy of Passport or government id
8. Passport number or government id number
9. Proof of residency
10. Additional requirement as per the need


TRENT X values privacy and uses personal data to enhance services and communicate. Personal data may be used for other products/services too but not shared with outside parties except for partners related to said product/service. Personal information may be shared with third parties, but measures will be taken to protect it. Compliance with local regulations may require sharing of personal data and third parties may be used for compliance with anti-money laundering and economic sanction policies. TRENT X remains committed to protecting personal data in compliance with relevant laws.


TRENT X prioritizes the safety and security of customers' personal data through robust data collection, storage, and processing methods. They use encryption and digital signature technologies to prevent unauthorized access but cannot be held liable for breaches outside their control or non-compliance issues. TRENT X is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of customer information.


TRENT X takes industry standard security measures to protect personal data and information, including secure encryption, multi-factor authentication, regular security audits, access control, and secure data storage. These measures ensure that personal information is protected from unauthorized access and theft, providing users with peace of mind.


The personal information that we have obtained from you may be securely stored and transferred to a destination outside of your home country. This means that your personal data may be processed by individuals who are not citizens of your home country. By accepting our privacy policy, you consent to the storage, transfer, and processing of your personal data within our infrastructure or other locations/technology that have been deemed suitable by TRENT X.

Unauthorized Infiltration Of Your Personal Data

To check and confirm the current accuracy of your personal information, you can request a copy from us and gain access to it. You can ask us to update your personal data and information in accordance with your personal updates and changes. Additionally, you have the option to request the deletion of any personal information you no longer want us to keep on file in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Once the company has determined that your request is legitimate, it will process your requests for access, correction, and deletion of your data without charge. The business has the right to impose some administrative fees in the event that you repeatedly request access to, correction of, or deletion of your personal data.

Promotional Material

Your personal data and information may be used by us to transmit any of our promotional materials, which may take a variety of forms, including news, blog posts, market analysis, different publications, promotional offers, and details about the advertising and marketing of our goods and services. We may need to disclose your personal information with the third party in order to facilitate such operations, which can be carried out by the company or/and third party. As a result, you consent to receiving any promotional or commercial communications as long as you accept this privacy statement. However, if the content is sent by email, the client can always choose to unsubscribe or, in other circumstances, request that the company stop sending them such material. The information dissemination, however, would be required in the case of communication pertaining to the goods or services you are using, and you would not be able to opt out of receiving such information.

Cookie Policy

Some information, referred to as cookies, will be recorded in your browser and devices as soon as you view our website or use any of our products or technology. As a result of such data being saved on your browser and devices, we are able to recognize our users, gather information about them, and ultimately improve the quality and security of our products and services. At the same time, we make sure that any collection of personal data via cookies complies with applicable laws and rules. With the use of settings in your browser and devices, you can always choose not to accept cookies; however, doing so may have an impact on some services and functionality.

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